The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Vinyl Decking Over Wood

When you picture a deck in your mind, what is that deck made from? Chances are high that you're picturing a wood deck — because for years, the vast majority of decks were made from wood. But that's changing. Vinyl decking has really grown in popularity over the past few years because it does offer some advantages over wood. However, wood still has a few advantages, too. It's important to consider both sides before you choose your decking.

Advantages of Vinyl Decking Over Wood

No Maintenance

Anyone who has had a wood deck has, at some point or another, complained about all the maintenance involved. At a minimum, you need to seal the deck every year or two. You may also need to replace boards that are rotten or broken. With vinyl decking, none of this maintenance is necessary. The vinyl planks last for decades, never need to be sealed or stained, and will not rot.

No Bugs

Termites and carpenter ants love wood decking, especially when it has been moist for a while. Keeping these bugs at bay can be an ongoing battle. Or, you can just choose vinyl decking, and you'll never have to fight the battle in the first place.

No Splinters

You probably want to be able to walk across your deck with bare feet in the summer. If you do this with a  wood deck, it will only be a matter of time before you get a splinter in your foot. Vinyl decking does not splinter, which will make it safer for you — and also for any kids who may run across the deck.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Decking Compared to Wood

More Costly

Prices vary by provider and by region, but vinyl decking can cost a bit more than wood. If you're on a really tight budget, it may not be your best decking choice.

Distinct Look

Vinyl decking does have a distinct, modern look. Of course, this is not always a con; some people really love this modern appearance! But if you have a more rustic, country home, a vinyl deck may not coordinate with the scheme as well as a wood deck.

Vinyl decking is pretty widely available these days, so if it sounds like a good choice for you, then you should not have trouble finding a company to install it. Get a few quotes, and go from there. You'll be enjoying your no-maintenance, bug-free deck for years to come.

To learn more, contact a vinyl decking supplier.

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