Get A New Roof And Gutters To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Spring brings warmer weather but also brings in a lot of rain and storms. Some of these storms can produce high winds, hail, and more, which can damage a home, especially the roof and gutters. If your current roof has been on your home for a long time and your gutters are also old, you should consider replacing them. Below is information about this so you can start getting ready for spring.

New Asphalt Shingle Roof

When it comes to a new roof, you have many options to choose from. Asphalt shingles are often used, as these are not as expensive as other types. Asphalt shingles also hold up well over time. Asphalt roofs are also not difficult to install. This is because the roofing contractor lays sheets of shingles on your roof. The roofing contractor will likely put at least two sheet layers. This will give you more protection and also make your roof look more expensive than it really is.

Asphalt shingles can be repaired very easily. For example, if some shingles become loose during a storm, a roofing contractor can nail them back down. Individual shingles can also be replaced. You can find asphalt shingles in a variety of colors, such as brown, grey, black, blue and green. You can also choose shingles that are in different color blends. Make sure you choose a color that goes well with the color of your home, however.

New Gutter System

If your roof is older, than your gutter system is also likely older. If so, you need to replace the gutters. This is important, as old gutters can deteriorate and may become loose. If gutters do not drain well, the water will back up and go underneath your roof, causing many problems. You will find that gutters come in different materials, such as aluminum, steel, copper, vinyl, and zinc. You will find that aluminum gutters are the most popular choice, as this metal is resistant to corrosion, is lightweight, and can be found in a variety of colors. Aluminum gutters are also less expensive when compared to the other types,

Another important thing is the downspout. This is because this is where the water comes out. You want a downspout that is long enough to direct water away from your home. There are gutter and downspout specialists that can help you choose your gutters and downspouts. Contact a company like Art's Custom Seamless Gutters  Inc to learn more about your options.

Besides getting a new roof and gutter system, consider other things you can do, such as giving your home a new paint job, installing new windows, and more.

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