3 Common Causes Of Soil Shift Around Your Foundation

Foundation damage is something that many homeowners find themselves dealing with at some point. Various things can cause foundation damage, including shifting soil. If the soil begins to shift under and around your foundation, then your foundation can become damaged. If you are wondering about the types of things that can cause soil shift around your foundation, consider these common causes.

1. Sandy Soil

For one thing, you should know that different types of soil can be more prone to soil shifting than others. If the soil that your home is built on top of is very sandy, for example, you should know that it might be more prone to shifting. If you know that the soil around your home is sandy, you might want to be extra careful to watch out for signs of foundation damage so that you can address it right away if it happens.

2. Soil That Isn't Compacted Properly

Before building begins, it is important for the soil in the building area to be compacted well. If it's not, then there will not be a nice, sturdy surface for your home to be built on. During the home building process, it's important to make sure that this step is not skipped, since this can help you avoid a lot of problems later on. If the building process is long over, however, all you can really do is watch out for potential signs of foundation damage so that you can address them when needed.

3. Periods of Drought and Heavy Rain

Believe it or not, periods of drought and then heavy rain can actually have an impact on your foundation. This occurs because the soil contracts when it gets wet and then dries up, much like a sponge. Various steps, such as making sure that your foundation is properly waterproofed and directing rainwater from your gutters away from your foundation can help with this.

It's not abnormal for the soil to start to shift around your foundation. However, if it shifts too much, this can cause problems with your foundation. It's smart to keep an eye out for signs of foundation damage, such as cracks in the foundation itself or in the walls or flooring inside your home. Once you start to notice any foundation-related problems, you should contact a foundation repair professional. The sooner that you hire one of these professionals, the sooner that he or she can address the problem so that it hopefully will not become too damaged.

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