2 Reasons To Hire An Electrician Rather Than Make DIY Electrical Improvements

Working with electricity is dangerous for a couple of reasons. The most important one is that if you don't know what you're doing or if you're careless, you could be killed. The second reason is also an important one. If you don't do the electrical work right then your home could be in danger of a fire. Most electrical work in your home should be done by a contractor for these important safety reasons. Here are some other reasons hiring an electrical contractor is usually better than attempting DIY installation or repairs.

1. Permits And Inspections Are Needed

Most home improvement jobs involving electricity require a permit from your city and the permit might state the work has to be done by a licensed electrician. Part of the permit process is an inspection once the work is complete. Your finished work might not pass inspection if it's a DIY job, and that will cost you more money in the end than just hiring an electrician at the start. Also, bypassing the permit and inspection process is risky since you need to disclose upgrades to your home's electrical system when you sell your house and if you don't have permits, then your home may be more difficult to sell or the price might be lowered. Buyers may not want to live in a home that's had electrical work done by someone who isn't an electrician.

Understand what types of electrical work you can do on your own and what requires a permit so you can avoid a fine and the need to have the work done over by an electrician.

2. Knowing Current Codes Is Essential

A licensed electrician is always up to date on electrical codes. Codes change over the years to improve home safety and doing electrical work according to code reduces the risk of shock and fire in your home. Work that isn't up to code can cause your home to fail an inspection when you put it on the market. In addition to knowing the codes, it's necessary to understand them and understand how electrical wiring and a residential electrical system work in general. Not knowing the basic theory behind electricity could cause you to make serious mistakes out of ignorance. Hiring an electrician eliminates this risk.

In addition, when you do electrical work, you need the right tools and that can drive up the cost of DIY repairs. Electrical contracting work is a highly specialized field that requires years of study and experience, and it's one type of home maintenance that isn't usually suited for DIY work. The risks associated with mistakes are too serious and costly to take lightly.

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