3 Reasons To Complete A Pre-Construction Land Survey

If you haven't had the opportunity to participate in the construction process, you might not be familiar with the importance of land surveys. These surveys are vital tools when it comes to preparing a construction site for the erection of a home or commercial building.

Recognizing the influential role a land survey plays in the construction process will help you appreciate the importance of investing in a comprehensive land survey for your first construction project.

1. A land survey defines property boundaries.

Before you can begin construction, you need to ensure that you are building on your own property. Property boundaries are often written descriptions that can get muddled over time. The area that you think belongs to you may have boundaries that are slightly off.

A land surveyor can utilize special equipment to clearly mark the property line surrounding your construction site. This allows you to stay on your own property and will help you avoid a potential legal dispute with neighbors in the future.

2. A land survey establishes property rights.

In addition to physically surveying and defining the boundaries of a property, an experienced land surveyor can identify any unwritten usage rights that might affect your property. If a person uses a piece of land for a significant amount of time, he or she may have rights.

Verbal rights can be upheld, so it's essential that you know about these types of property rights if they affect your land. A surveyor can use specialized research methods to identify all property rights pertaining to your parcel.

3. A land survey provides you with a current map and description of your property.

It's important that you maintain current records when it comes to any property you own. If the deed to your land hasn't been updated in a long time, it can be beneficial to have a land surveyor complete a survey that can be used to update the property description listed on the deed.

Landmarks and monuments used in the original description may no longer exist, so you need a current description of your property lines at all times. Maintaining a current description on your property deed can prove beneficial if you ever need to present evidence during a land dispute.

Hiring a land surveyor can provide you with a number of benefits. Take advantage of the peace of mind that a land surveyor can provide by having your property surveyed prior to construction. Visit a website like http://www.communitysciences.com for more details.

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