3 Things To Consider Before Removing A Tree From Your Yard

When you have a tree in your yard that you might want to have removed, it's important to consider the impact that its removal will have on your property. Looking at all of the potential effects it can have will help you determine whether or not it should be removed. Here are some things to take into consideration as you consult with a tree removal company about getting rid of the tree in your yard.

1. Foundation Problems

In some cases, trees that are growing too close to your home can cause issues for your foundation. Roots can begin to grow toward the foundation walls, which can cause stress and cracks. This damage may lead to leaks in the basement, and removing the tree can provide a positive outcome. Similarly, a tree growing too close to your driveway or the concrete slab for a garage or outbuilding can cause the concrete to buckle or break. Before you decide to have the tree removed, have your tree removal expert assess the situation. The damage your home is experiencing may be the fault of tree roots, but there may also be another issue to blame.

2. Drainage Issues

Some trees actually help areas that are prone to flooding or becoming waterlogged. Removing a tree that provides the benefit of taking on water in damp or wet conditions can actually have a negative impact on your property. Talk to your tree removal company about the type of tree you want to have removed to determine if it provides beneficial drainage for your property. If it does not, consider removal and replacement with a tree that does offer drainage benefits. Some trees that thrive in standing water or wet soil include willow, red maple, and black ash.

3. Shade

It's important to not underestimate the benefits of shade your tree offers. If you have a large tree and a small yard, your tree may provide much-needed shade to keep your yard pleasant and your home cool. Trees that prevent sunlight from directly hitting your windows can actually help keep your home cooler in the summer. If you do find that it's necessary to remove a shade tree for certain reasons, such as damage to your foundation, talk to your tree removal company or arborist about having it replaced with a different type of tree. You may be able to plant smaller shade trees close to your home without limiting the space you have available in your yard and without damaging your foundation.

If you've decided to remove a tree from your backyard, look for other ways you can replace the environmental benefits of the tree. You may decide to plant bushes or flowers to give something back to the environment, or you may decide to plant an entirely different type of tree that can benefit your yard.

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