How To Save On Carpet Replacement

Carpet can wear down and show signs of aging quicker than other flooring products. As a result, it often needs to be replaced more frequently than other flooring materials. However, since carpet replacement is also one of the most affordable home upgrades, it is still a great investment: even if you have to make more frequent replacements, carpet replacement is manageable because the cost of the actual carpet and installation is minimal. There are quite a few ways you can further decrease the cost of carpet replacement. Here is one great way to save money on the project.

Getting the Carpet and Pads Off of the Floor

Getting your carpet up and off of the floor is fairly straightforward, but it's also very physical work. You can handle the job best if you have strong leather gloves, a utility knife with several replacement blades, a hammer, and a few large flathead screwdrivers or chisels. The key is to grab an edge of the carpet with the claw side of your hammer and then rip it up. This is usually easy once you get the carpet off of the grippers around the edge of the floor. You will need to use the utility knife to cut the carpet into smaller, lighter strips that are easier to carry out of the house. The carpet pad should be easier to pull up since it is even lighter. If there are any staples in a wooden subfloor, you will need to remove them with pliers. If you have a concrete subfloor, and a lot of the adhesive is still holding the pad to the ground, you might need to scrape it off later.

Removing the Carpet Grippers and Finishing the Job

Removing the carpet grippers can actually be a little difficult if they are glued to the subfloor. Most carpet grippers are just nailed to the subfloor, so they can be removed using a flathead screwdriver and hammer. Just hammer the screwdriver underneath the wood and then pry it away from the ground.

Finally, you want to clean your floor and get it completely ready for the installation of your new project. As you can see, this work isn't very technical, so it is definitely worthwhile in the long run if you are trying to make your carpet replacement project as affordable as possible. For more information on your next floor installation project, contact professionals like Thayer Decorating Center.

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