Signs That You Might Have A Clog In Your Sewage Line

It is imperative to make sure that you are fully aware of when it is time to have your main sewage line worked on, you will want to keeping reading about clogs. Knowing how to determine if there may be one in your sewage line, you will be able to keep your home's draining system in good shape. Here are some of the signs that are telling you it's time to call in a professional.

You Have A Hard Time Getting The Toilet To Flush

If the problem is not that there is too much toilet paper in the toilet, then the problem might be that lines are becoming clogged and there is therefore not enough space for the contents of your toilet to quickly exit the home like it should. Make sure that you are never making the mistake of using a plumbing snake in the toilet itself. If you suspect that there is a clog in the sewage line, closer to the toilet than anywhere else, you can have a plumber remove the toilet and then use the plumbing snake through the opening in the floor.

You Can See Sewage Water And Waste When Looking Into The Clean Out Pipe

Take a moment to venture out into your yard to locate the clean out pipe. This should be a white or black plastic pipe that sticks out of the ground slightly. There should either be a solid cap or a vented cap on the top of it. Carefully remove it and take a look down into it. You might have to use a flashlight in order to get a very good look at it. When there isn't any clogs, you should be able to notice that the pipe is clean. There won't be any standing waste water sitting in there. If there is, then there is a problem with the drainage of the line and this is most likely due to a clog somewhere between that point and where the line accessed the main sewage line along the street. You may need to hire a professional plumbing or sewer repair services technician so they can send a mini camera through the system so the specific location of the clog can be found.

The sooner you find out that you have a clog and take action to get it repaired the better. The last thing you should want is for dangerous waste to end up backing up into your home.

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