Tips For Dealing With Green Hot Tub Water

Few things with a hot tub can be as unsettling as finding out that the color of the water has shifted from its usual clear, clean appearance to a greenish color. Like a swimming pool, hot tub water must be properly balanced for it to stay clean and safe for use. That balance is a delicate one, and all it takes is one thing shifting to truly alter the water condition. Here are a few things you can do to deal with green water in your hot tub.

Start By Testing The Water

The very first thing you should do is check the condition of the water using your test strip kit. Check the chlorine, bromine, hardness, alkalinity, and other levels. The test strips should show the proper range for each as well as where your water is currently at. Adjust it as needed if anything shows up out of balance.

Check For Algae

If you've used the test strips and they aren't telling you much, it's time to check the sides of the tub for algae. If the sides feel slimy, that's a good indication that there's algae growing in the tub, which is what's making your water green. You'll need to use a chlorine shock treatment on the tub to get rid of the algae in most cases. If the bromine or chlorine levels are too high, get a balancing treatment to help bring them down.

If you don't feel any slime on the side of the tub, that means there's not likely any algae in there. In that case, your discoloration could be caused by a buildup of minerals in your water. You can neutralize them with a shock treatment, but clean the filter out too.

Think Of How Much You Use It

If you've been using the tub a lot, this could be the reason your water is a little off. Under high use, hot tubs need a little bit more frequent treatment with chlorine. That keeps the functional chlorine levels up, reducing the bacteria that can grow.

Consider A Full Flush

If you've tried all of these tips and none of them seem to help, it's time to drain the tub, clean it thoroughly, and refill it with fresh water. Sometimes starting over is the best solution to problems like these. If you're struggling to keep your hot tub clean and balanced, this kind of flush out will help put you back on solid ground. Work with a local hot tub repair company, like Kaupas Water, to see about proper maintenance from here.

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