Thwarting An Insect Problem In Your Basement With Drying Tactics

If you just purchased a home and you feel that your basement is relatively humid on most days, you will want to take the necessary steps in stopping this problem. Failing to reduce the amount of humidity in your basement could lead to the accumulation of insects as many types are attracted to moisture. Here are some tips you can use to keep your basement dry in an attempt to keep insects from infesting the area.

Use Dissidents To Grab Moisture From The Air

Try to remove some of the moisture from the area with help from dissidents. These can be purchased from a home goods or hardware store. Most dissidents are made from a special sand which is enclosed in a small container or box. When the lid is removed or when the box is cut open, the sand will work at grabbing any moisture present in the air. These will need to be checked every few weeks and replaced with new dissidents when the sand feels moist to the touch. Alternately, charcoal pieces will work in the same manner. Simply place a few briquettes in a container to work at keeping the air dry in the basement.

Apply A Waterproofing Agent To The Cement Foundation

If there are cracks present within the cement the foundation is made from, moisture will make its way to the interior of the home. These cracks can be sealed with a cement caulk. Insert the nozzle of the caulk tubing into a crack and squeeze the contents inside to fill it in. This will provide a seal against moisture. For major cracks, you may need to contact Central Penn Waterproofing or a similar company to get professional assistance.

Consider Adding Vapor Barrier Underneath The Walls

If adding caulk to foundation cracks doesn't seem to help reduce the humidity in the basement, a waterproofing specialist can add vapor barriers to the interior walls. These are plastic sheets that are placed over the insulation underneath the drywall. Since the drywall needs to be removed to add this feature, hiring a professional is best to get the job done correctly. These barriers will keep out moisture as well as insects.

Dry The Area With Electrical Appliances

Use a dehumidifier in a basement that seems exceptionally warm and clammy. This appliance will take away the moisture, leaving the area with a dry atmosphere instead. Running an air conditioning unit in a basement can also be helpful in keeping the air temperature cool enough to keep moisture at bay.

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