Three Things To Consider When Having Stained Glass Windows Made For Your Church

Catholic churches are known for having beautiful stained glass windows in their churches. If your church body is expanding and the church has decided to build a sister church in another area of town, having stained glass windows in the church is essential. Many people do not know what the process is for having stained glass windows made for their church, though. The guide below walks you through a few things that need to be done to have the perfect windows made for a church.

Consider How Large the Windows Should Be

The first thing that needs to be decided is how large each of the windows should be. Some churches also choose to have a large window made from the back of the church over the stage where the choir will sit and where the priest preaches to the congregation. Once the church has decided where the windows will be placed, they can decide how large they want them to be.

Consider the Shape for the Windows

Next, the shape of the windows needs to be decided. Some churches choose windows that have rounded tops, while others prefer tops that come to a point. Give the congregation a few examples from which they can choose to ensure that they choose a look that they feel will create the most welcoming, beautiful look possible.

Consider the Images that Will Be Created within the Windows

When stained glass is used in windows, images can be created. Have the congregation decide on which images they feel are the best for the church. Many churches choose verses from the bible that they feel most portrays the beliefs of the church or that show what they feel are examples of Jesus's love to the people. You will need to provide the person making the windows with detailed images of the pictures your church wants to have created on the windows. Be specific about the size, color, and detailing that everyone wants.

Once you have considered all of these factors, you will be ready to meet with a stained glass window creator to have the windows created for the new church. Give him or her the pertinent information listed above so that they can create the perfect windows for your church. Once they have been created, have professional window installers install them for you so that there is no chance of them getting broken during the installation process.

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