What To Do With Old Pallets

If you manage a shipping company that tends to receive large shipments on wood pallets, you know how quickly the pallet racks in your warehouse can fill up as more and more shipments come in. You have to keep the pallets organized, and that often means culling the older pallets that are no longer that sturdy. While you can always throw older pallets away or leave them in an alley for people to take, those two solutions don't really work that well if you have a lot to get rid of (you're dealing with limited landfill space and no guarantees that people will want the old pallets). You still have options, though, that could help your company earn some money or at least conserve landfill space.

Buyback Programs

Contact pallet sellers, like Certified Handling Systems, especially those who have actually sold you some pallets before, and see if they have buyback programs. Some sellers will pay a nominal amount to get pallets back that they can repair and then resell as used. While this isn't a major moneymaker for you unless you have tons of pallets that you'd be returning, it can add a little cash to the office kitty. Plus it has the nice effect of getting rid of all those extra pallets that are taking up space on the racks.


Another alternative is straight recycling. You'd need to find a recycling company that specifically includes pallets in the materials it takes, but if you do, they can take the mess off your hands. Pallets that are recycled are often broken down into lumber, ground into chips, and donated to companies that will use the wood for furniture or other purposes.

Sell at a Discount for Fires and Crafts

Of course, you could go the direct route and advertise the pallets as for sale for a major discount. People looking for pallets for crafts and furniture projects -- reclaimed wood pallet decks and furniture are becoming more common -- may be willing to cough up a little cash for lots of pallets that haven't been sitting in a dank alley or near garbage cans. People who are also looking for pallets for bonfires might be willing to pay since the pallets will be nice and dry—and not soaked with whatever liquid might have been spilled near the garbage cans outside your business.

Whichever route you go should be one that you can easily repeat. Chances are more pallets will come in and fill up the racks you have. If the pallets are in great shape, you could get more racks, too.

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