Create a Contemporary Living Space with Glass Railings

The railings on the interior and exterior of your home serve a functional purpose in helping to prevent falls, but these railings also play a key role in defining the aesthetic of your home as well. When you are trying to give your home a more modern look, the type of railings that you select for your stairways could have a dramatic impact on your finished remodel.

Incorporating glass railings into your home can create a sleek and modern design that will help take your home from drab to contemporary. Here are three ways that you can incorporate glass railings into your home's design in the future.

1. Use glass railing to showcase your swimming pool.

If you are adding a swimming pool as part of your contemporary remodel, then you will want to ensure that this outdoor feature plays a prominent role in your landscape's design.

Statistics show that in the United States, about 390 children drown in pools every year. Safety railing installed around a swimming pool is one of the easiest ways to prevent accidental drowning, but these safety railings can be unsightly. Opting to install glass railing around your pool allows you to protect your children while maintaining an unobstructed view of your new private pool.

2. Install glass railing around an upper balcony.

There are few things more relaxing than having your cup of morning coffee on a private balcony. Most balconies are carefully designed to maximize the view, and installing safety railings can obstruct this view. If you are planning to add a balcony during your home remodel, be sure that you are planning to incorporate a glass railing into the balcony's design.

A glass railing will keep your home's exterior looking more modern and will allow you to fully enjoy the view from your new balcony. Be sure that you are selecting tempered glass for outdoor railings to ensure your balcony's safety guard will be able to withstand exposure to a variety of weather conditions.

3. Use glass railing to section off loft areas.

Lofts can create usable space without making your home's floor plan feel closed off. If you are planning to add a loft to your home, you should plan to incorporate a glass railing to section off your loft space.

By using glass instead of wood or metal for your loft's safety railing, you allow natural light to permeate the space. This prevents lofts from feeling dark and dingy. The glass railing will also be visible from the lower floors of your home, helping to contribute to a modern design aesthetic.

Taking the time to identify some simple ways to incorporate glass railings into your home-improvement projects will allow you to create a more contemporary living space.

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