3 Ways To Use Mason Jars For Storage In Your Kitchen

If you are fan of DIY decorating projects, you might have found that a lot of people are using Mason jars and other canning jars for all sorts of projects. For example, you can use Mason jars to organize your kitchen and to store your essentials. They're a great option because they are affordable, aren't too easy to break and look nice with all sorts of decorating schemes, so consider using them for these storage ideas.

1. Store Bulk Spices

Sure, you might not use large quantities of certain spices, but you might find yourself going through a lot of salt, pepper, garlic powder, Italian seasoning and other popular spices. To save money on them and make sure that you always have plenty of hand, consider buying in bulk and storing in Mason jars. The canning jars will keep them well-sealed, which will help them stay fresh longer, and you can easily dip into them with a measuring spoon. You can even get creative and make your own spice mixes, then store them in your jars.

2. Keep Kitchen Utensils Close at Hand

A canning jar that is kept right by your stove can be perfect for storing a few of your most-used kitchen utensils, such as your spatula and your wooden spoon. The smaller mouth helps prevent you from cramming too many in one spot, and you can store other, less-often-used utensils in a deep drawer, out of sight. This helps you keep what you need close at hand without causing too much clutter on your countertops.

3. Store Grease

If you like to reuse bacon grease or other types of grease, your canning jars are great for storage. They are thick and strong and can handle hot grease, and you don't have to worry about leaking. Even if you don't like keeping your grease, it's a good option to pour it into one of these jars until it cools so that you can dispose of it, without pouring it down your sink and potentially clogging up your drain, making a visit from a company like Central Plumbing Specialties necessary.

As you can see, Mason jars can be handy for a lot more than just canning, although they are obviously great for that, too. These are three things that you can use Mason jars for if you want to keep your kitchen neat and organized, and you're sure to love the look and versatility of these jars once you get used to using them.

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