Home Security: When And Why To Opt For Lock Rekeying

Certain circumstances may force you to embark on a complete overhaul of your lock system, often at a high cost. For instance, if you have had break-in attempts or successful break-ins, you might need to replace your existing locks immediately.

However, there are certain scenarios where replacing locks would be too costly and simply unnecessary, especially if this is to be done on multiple doors in the property. Read on to learn instances where rekeying your locks would be more viable and the advantages of choosing this option.

When should you consider rekey your locks?

Maintaining the set of locks you find when you move to a new home could compromise your security, as you simply don't know who may have had copies of your house keys. It would then be advisable to rekey the locks so as to ensure only members of your household have access to your home. Similarly, you should consider rekeying your locks if some renovations took place in the house prior to you moving in, because the contractor could have copies they can later use to breach your home.

Similarly, if you have recently lost your keys or had someone in possession of a spare key move out, you would also need to upgrade your security by rekeying the locks. Here is a look at two advantages of rekeying your locks.

Reduced cost and hassle

Typically, rekeying your locks entails adjusting the existing cylinder tumblers so they don't work with the original keys. This is done by rearranging the pins of the locks so that they work with a new set of keys. This eliminates the need to purchase new lock sets while still enabling you to keep out anyone with the old set of keys.

Using what you already have to basically come up with a new lock gives you the chance to save money. Additionally, rekeying can eliminate the hassle of having to find new sets of locks to match your current home theme.

Customized locks

Rekeying your current locks gives you the unique ability to alter the cylinder tumblers so as to come up with a unique lock that is different from generic sets. You can talk to your locksmith about rearranging the lock pins in a totally customized manner and have keys that fit in the locks tailor-made.

Having such unique locks would give you peace of mind, as there aren't any manufactured options out there that resemble your design, making it harder for burglars to study and pick the locks. Click here for info about rekeying.

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