Shower Enclosure Ideas For Small Bathrooms

If you are working up to remodeling an existing smaller bathroom or adding a shower to a half bath, setting up a shower space with a workable entry might be a challenge. Bringing in a contractor that can really size up your space and provide more options can help. Here are four shower enclosure ideas for cramped quarters with little wiggle room for opening and closing.

1. A Corner Shower Enclosure

If your bathroom is an awkward or small space, there are ways to still fit in a fully functioning shower. A corner shower that is more of a triangular shape with a rounded entrance can help save space and make this less awkward to step into. This can be custom-made with shower doors placed in the most convenient spot, or they can slide open from the middle.

2. Glass Enclosures Create the Illusion of Space

Clear glass can make smaller spaces look more expansive and will make your bathroom look less cut up and cramped. Shower enclosures can either incorporate a glass door that opens or slides depending on the layout. For a full shower over a tub, a creative option is to have half of the enclosure closest to the showerhead partitioned off by a glass wall fixed in place.

3. Folding Doors for Access

Shower doors that fold into themselves can help alleviate the space that would be needed for a traditional swing out door or a smaller space that doesn't accommodate a sliding door to step into. Folding doors have come a long way in terms of style and can be found in clear glass, frosted glass, and with modern pulls to add style to even the tiniest bathroom space.

4. Taking Out the Tub

A great way to add room and versatility to a shower space is to get rid of the tub all together. This can be designed with a partial shower partition that protects bathroom floors from the shower stream, but doesn't fully enclose the shower space. A great way to make this work for those of all ages and mobility is to add in a tiled seat. This can help those who may not be able to stand in the shower but would benefit from the walk-in style of a stand-alone shower.

Even the smallest of bathrooms can have potential when it comes to shower enclosures. The trick is to pick options that are custom-designed for your space. A contractor can hear what your needs are and help source the right shower enclosure and doors to create the look you want in the space you have.

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