Four Tips For Spring Time Air Conditioning Maintenance Before Summer Heat

With the winter weather soon coming to an end, you will be ready to turn the heating off for the season. This also means that there is maintenance that needs to be done to your AC before the summer heat begins. You will want to do things like remove any weatherization you did in the fall and check your air conditioner for repairs that need to be done. Here are some air conditioning maintenance tips for the spring to ensure you have optimal cooling during the summer heat:

1. Removing Any Weatherization Materials From The AC

During the winter months, you may have winterized your AC. If you have turned off the power to the system, now is the time you will want to turn it back on. You will also want to remove any covers and insulation that are covering any components outside, such as fluid lines and the heat pump unit. Remove all these things and make sure the system is clean and free of any debris, like leaves from the autumn months.

2. Changing The Filter On Your System To Get Ready

The air filter of your system needs to be changed now too. If you have separate filters for the AC and furnace, change both of them. In addition, you may want to buy extra filters to do maintenance to your system throughout the summer months. Regularly changing your filter can help to prevent many common AC problems when you use your system most.

3. Starting Your AC And Looking For Any Problems That Need Repair

Before it gets too hot, start your AC and look at all the components for any problems. Check to make sure that everything is in working order and no repairs are needed. This can be a good time to look for problems like leaks or a dirty coil that can cause problems later when you need cooling. If you turn the system on and the heat pump does not come on, turn the thermostat down to get it to come on, so you can check these things.

4. Having A Technician Service Your AC Before You Really Need It

Before you start using your cooling, you may want to have an HVAC technician service your system. They can do things like clean the coil and small repairs that need to be done. They can also charge the compressor if the system is getting low on coolant gas.

These are some air conditioning maintenance tips for the spring to help keep you cool during the summer. If you need help with servicing and repairs to your AC, contact an HVAC company, like Southwest Heating and Cooling, to ensure you are ready for record breaking heat.

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