Three Tips For When You're Cleaning Dust And Gunk Off Of A Detached Garage Door Spring

To ensure that your garage door doesn't slow down or get stuck in one position as it ascends, you'll need to make sure that the spring it's attached to is free of defects, dust, and gunk. Even if there's no rust on the metal and the entirety of the spring is as straight as it's ever been, cleaning can be difficult without patience and the right tools. Use these three tips when you're cleaning dust and gunk off of a detached garage door spring.

Put The Spring On A Table So You Won't Trip On It

Since the spring can roll around so much when you step on it, it's easy to get a sprained ankle or worse when you decide to leave it on the floor. Even if you have all the tools you need sitting beside you, you're liable to trip on the spring when you're standing up to move to a different cleaning position.

A dining table is a great place to put a dirty spring because you'll have both plenty of chairs in different positions and a lot of free space between the table and the dining room's walls. If the table isn't perfectly flat because it's made out of several detachable sections, put a thick towel over it first to help with preventing the spring from rolling around.

Loosen Up A Cold Or Rigid Spring With A Blow Dryer

Especially if your garage was very cold when you removed the spring, the metal sections may not come apart and reveal all the dust and gunk very easily. To remedy this problem, make a couple of passes over the spring with a household blow dryer set to its most powerful setting.

During the winter, it's prudent to both blow dry several sides of the spring and give the metal a few free minutes to loosen up before you start cleaning in earnest.

Use A Butter Knife To Pry The Individual Pieces Of Metal Apart

Even in the best case scenario, all the tension the spring is designed to hold means that prying individual sections far apart enough to insert a cleaning cloth can be a slow and tedious task. Instead of using your bare fingers for this, pick out a common butter knife from your kitchen and carefully stab at all the problem areas.

There's no need to twist the knife at all once the front of it is inside the spring. Instead, simply fit in as much of the cleaning cloth as you can and rotate the spring until you reach all parts of the metal.

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