4 Tips for Installing a New Chandelier

There are many beautiful styles of chandeliers that not only provide light, but also help add to the overall style of a room. If you want to install a new chandelier, you might be able to handle this job yourself. Here are some tips to follow if you intend to install it on your own.

Disconnect the Power

As with all electrical repairs, you need to disconnect the power source when installing a new chandelier. Make sure you know where the circuit breaker is for the room you are working in and disconnect the power. Do not just turn off the light switch, as you could still risk electrocution when working with the wires. You need to go to the breaker box or electrical panel and disconnect that room's power. If others are in your home, make sure they don't turn it back on while you are working. It is a good idea to put tape over that fuse or breaker so they know not to touch it.

Remove the Lighting Fixture

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to remove the old lighting fixture. Most ceiling lights are held in place with screws, so you shouldn't need much more than a screwdriver. Start by removing the fixture itself, then remove the mounting bracket that is holding it in place. As you pull away the fixture, note how it is connected by wires. If they are color-coded, write down where each wire is connected to the fixture. If they are not color-coded, you need to put tape on each wire and label their location. This will help when you disconnect them and need to re-connect the wiring to the chandelier.

Install a Junction Box

When installing a chandelier, you also need to consider the overall weight of the ceiling fixture. If you previously had a fixture that was relatively light, the ceiling might not have the stability needed to hold a chandelier. Consider the weight of the chandelier compared to the weight of the previous fixture. If they are different, you should first install a junction box. This is going to help support the weight of the chandelier and keep you from causing damage. Have a contractor do this for you if you are not sure how they work.

Attach the New Hardware

With the previous fixture removed, you can start adding the new hardware for the chandelier. If you have a junction box, you will be connecting the mounting strap of the chandelier's hardware to the junction box. You now want to add the new mounting bracket that was provided with the chandelier. Finally, start attaching the wires in the ceiling to the chandelier, following the wire guide you made previously. If any new wiring needs to be done, make sure you call an electrician to handle this type of job. Find a service in your area, like Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, to set up an appointment.

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