Three Tips For Making A Concrete Patio Synergize With A Large Hot Tub

It's not easy to customize a concrete patio floor if you don't even know what items you want in your custom home. But if you've already made a decision about putting a hot tub out on your patio, there's a lot you can do with the floor that will enhance you and your guests' hot tub experience. To make a concrete patio synergize with a large hot tub, read these three tips.     

Lower The Hot Tub In A Hole To Make It Easier To Get In And Out

The more people use your hot tub, the more water will get splashed on the edges of it and the easier it'll be for people to slip.

To decrease the risk of someone slipping on water, lower the hot tub into a hole in the concrete floor that you designed beforehand. Since the floor will now be much closer to the top wall of the hot tub, it'll be much easier for guests to see where their feet are going.

If you do decide to include stairs in your floor that lead to the hot tub, don't go overboard with them. More than one or two steps will drastically lower the floor relative to the top of your hot tub's wall and defeat the purpose of lowering the tub in a hole.

Include Some Indentations Around The Corners Of The Hot Tub For Drinks

If you or one of your guests wants to bring a drink to the hot tub, it's not ideal to store the glass or can on a smooth and wet floor. Therefore, to enhance the entertainment value of your tub, it's a very good idea to include some indentations on the concrete floor that are big enough for drinks.

While you can put these indentations all around the tub, it's better to concentrate them on the corners. Remembering to avoid just the corners of the hot tub when you're getting in and out of it is easier than remembering to carefully check every part of the tub for drinks. If you or your friends want to get in the hot tub when it's dark out, fixed locations that all beverages can congregate around are especially important.

Put Small Lights In The Floor To Lead Your Guests To Your Hot Tub

The lights that come with hot tubs are usually focused inward instead of outward. Instead of leading the way to the tub, the lights typically illuminate the water itself in all sorts of colors.

While this is fine when you and your guests are already in the hot tub, it's a good idea to install a few small lights in your concrete patio to lead people to the water. As long as you plan spaces for these lights ahead of time and the lights are battery operated, they shouldn't be too expensive. You'll just have to remember to completely clear your concrete patio of hot tub water before you open the lights and change out the batteries.

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