Worried about a Break-In With a Foreclosed or Bankruptcy Owned Home? Safety Measure to Take

If you bought a home through a foreclosure or bankruptcy and you are worried that the old homeowners may try to find their way back in, take action before you start to move your items in the house. Protecting yourself is imperative, and a locksmith and residential door installation professional can help.

You don't know if the old owners still have copies of the keys, or who they gave the keys to. Adding some security to the home and making some changes will help you feel safe in the living space after you move in.

Lock Changes

All of the locks around the house should be changed, including all entrance doors. These locks should have new keys that only you have ever had, and you should add deadbolts if you don't have them already. The old owners would know what types of locks currently exist on the doors, so changing them and adding reinforcement is ideal.

Garage Door Opening System Replacement

Did you get both of the garage door remotes that went with the system? Was the opener programmed into the previous owner's car, and were other cars synced with the opening system? You have no idea, so you either want to have the code reset on the opener or have the whole system replaced.

Having a garage door professional like Plano Overhead Garage Door install a new opening system is ideal, especially if the system uses a chain or has rusty parts. A new secure door opening system that has never had previous codes or been used by the former homeowners or any other people is best.

Security System

A home security system will reduce your chances of a break-in by 300 percent. This is also a great security feature if you have children, and you can reduce your homeowner's insurance policy with the addition of a system. Choose a system with fire, smoke, and gas detection. A big sign in the yard showing you have the system will also help keep ill-intentioned people away.

Safety Evaluation

Have a locksmith do a perimeter check of the home and go through the inside of the home to do a safety evaluation. A home security specialist can tell you where you need to tighten up your security and where you need to make improvements.

If you have a nervous feeling or you just don't like that the owners who previously lived in your home didn't want to get out, take the time and spend the money to have the home made safe. You'll be glad to know that you are the only owner that possesses the keys to get into the property and that there is enough security to make it difficult for an unwanted intruder to get through any door.

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