4 Specialty Items To Help Your Elderly Parent Have Good Hygiene

If your elderly parent is embarrassed to take a bath and use the bathroom, you want them to maintain as much dignity as possible. Listed below are some specialty items that you can purchase to help your parent with their hygiene.

Elderly Tub

An elderly tub has a door on the side that your parent can open so they can get into the tub much easier. This way your parent does not have to step over the side. If your elderly parent is in a wheel chair, look for tubs with a door opening that is wide enough for the chair to fit through. Get an idea of your options by contacting companies like Carefree Walk In Tubs. 

Non-Skid Application

If your parent is able to stand up on their own, you should put some non-skid applications on the bottom of the tub so they do not fall. You can purchase a special non-skid coating to do this. The coating is usually a clear liquid. Many of them come with a type of roller that you can use to roll the liquid onto the tub. Simply pour some liquid onto the bottom of the bathtub, and then use the roller to roll the liquid over the entire bottom. Put more liquid on if you need to so the entire bottom is covered. Let the coating completely dry, and then put on a second coating for good measure.

Shower Chair

There are shower chairs that your elderly parent can sit in when they take a shower. These shower chairs should have a handle on each side, and are height adjustable. Many of these chairs have a back rest. The seats come in different widths so make sure you purchase one that is wide enough for your parent to sit in comfortably. The chair should also have non slip rubber tips on the bottom of each chair leg so the chair does not slip. Many chairs have padded arms so it is easier to push up on the chair and stand up. 

Toilet Seat

Purchase a raised toilet seat to make it easier for your parent to sit in and then stand up. Put grab bars on each side of the toilet to help your parent even more. Measure the seat of your toilet before you purchase the raised toilet seat so it has a good fit. The seat should have very good padding also. Some toilet seats also come with arm rests to make it easier to use.

Once you purchase these items, your elderly parent should not be as embarrassed to take a shower, bath, or use the bathroom. Talk with them about their concerns so you can purchase other things that will help them.

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