Don't Make These Five Plumbing Mistakes

As a homeowner, plumbing may like seem a mysterious world of pipes and other things that we would rather not think about at all. Plumbing is actually pretty straightforward and not really that difficult to understand. While you don't need to be a professional plumber, some basic knowledge of the plumbing system of your home is vital, mostly so you can avoid making mistakes such as the five below.

The vents in your home serve an important purpose, and if they are clogged or not functioning property you will immediately know by the nearly unbearable odor of sewer gasses permeating your home. These vents need to be kept clear because they provide air pressure to prevent gasses from your city's main sewer line from entering your home. So, if you think that the plumbing vent is the perfect location for your cable TV or satellite TV cables to enter your home, think again. Do not allow anything but air to be placed in these drains.

Your kitchen drain is a convenient receptacle for all manner of items that will eventually end up completely clogging it. One of the worst offenders is grease. Used cooking oil or solid fat is difficult to dispose of, but even if you run the water as hot as possible while dumping it down the sink drain, it eventually will cool and harden to form a blockage.

Improper use of the garbage disposal is another issue that will have you calling your plumber. You count on that disposal to break everything you put in it down into tiny, easily flushed pieces that your plumbing should have no problem handling. Unfortunately, you may not be considering what happens to all those smaller pieces that still get sent down the drain like rice, fruit and vegetable peels, flour, bread, and fibrous vegetables which will clog your pipes.

You can purchase chemical drain cleaners without a plumber's license, but many plumbers dislike chemical drainer cleaners for this reason: they can corrode the pipes, leading to a very messy and dangerous clean-out job for the plumber.

Your toilet can be a lot more easily clogged than you realize. Did you know that the pipe from your toilet to the first joint is only a few inches wide? Whatever you flush down has to make it past that first joint in order to pass through to the main line under the street. Remember, it only takes one relatively small item that should not be flushed to clog up your entire home plumbing system.

Don't make these mistakes, contact a professional plumber for help and valuable advice about your plumbing issues before your do-it-yourself job turns into a major repair.

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