3 Things To Think About Before Choosing An Excavator To Rent For Your Construction Site

The right piece of equipment can be the difference between getting the job done well and not getting it done at all. This is true even when digging a trench – the right excavator will make the job easier and allow you to get it done quicker than if you were using an inappropriate excavator to do the job. Here are 3 things to think about as you decide what type of excavator you should rent to use on your construction project.

Job Site

The first thing to consider is the job site. Are you going to be working closely to other structures or are you going to be working in a wide open field? If you are going to be working near structures or in tight quarters, you will want a compact excavator that you can squeeze into the tight spots without worrying as much about hitting the structure you are working near - you still have to be careful, but compact excavators are easier to work with in tight spaces than a standard excavator. If you don't intend to dig in tight spaces, you can use a standard excavator to get the job done.

Engine Power

You will need to determine the types of sediment and rock you are going to have to dig through. If you are just digging through sandy loam, you'll only need a low-powered engine to get the job done. However, if you have to dig and break through bedrock, you'll want a machine with more horsepower to give the excavator the strength to do the work.

Digging Attachments

You should take the time to think about all the different types of jobs you want to use the excavator on and what type of attachments you'll need to complete those jobs. For instance, when digging through sandy loam and breaking through the bedrock, you will need two different tools that you can attach to the excavator. The first tool will be the bucket you'll use to dig out the sandy loam and the second tool will be the hammer that will pound the bedrock into pieces (which you'll then scoop out with the bucket).

Another factor to think about with accessories is how easily you can change them. If you are going to be working alone, you'll want a machine that will allow you to easily switch accessories without the help of another person. However, if you are working with a large crew, you should have enough people around to help switching tools.

When talking with a construction rental company professional like those at All Star Equipment Rental & Sales, Inc., make sure you tell them of everything you need to get done and what types of obstructions will be in your way. They can help you choose the appropriate machine and attachments you will need to meet your needs.

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