3 Reciprocating Saw Add-Ons That Could Change Every Job You Do

Few tools in your entire van get as much time in action as your reciprocating saw, but there may be ways to get even more out of this crucial investment. While most contractors only use this tool for chopping through anything from copper pipes to 2x4s, using your reciprocating saw for just cutting is a huge underestimation of its power. Here are three attachments (beyond the standard scraper and grout remover) that will allow you to get more out of your reciprocating saw than you ever thought possible. 

Wire Brush

One of the most mundane tasks on any job site is scraping paint off of metal or moss and grime off of a stone face. This task instantly becomes the most minor of inconveniences when you hook up a wire brush attachment to your reciprocating saw. The rapid oscillations do the task of getting rid of years of paint or corrosion without the endless hours of scraping with steel wool by hand, which saves time and money. 

Pipe Clamps

While this accessory attaches to the other end of the saw, it can be just as useful as any other reciprocal saw attachment. This device is designed to make it so that you don't have to fight to cut through thick pipes, which can take a serious toll on your arms, back, and the saw itself. Not only do these accessories take the pressure off you and your equipment, but they also ensure a straight, even cut every time, which can be tough if you try to cut thick pipes freehand. 

Wood Rasp

A wood rasp is the type of attachment that you can't live without once you've done a job or two with it. Being able to get in places where a circular sander can't is no problem at all when armed with a reciprocating wood rasp. This attachment is also perfect for making sure that junctions are smooth and tight, and for carving out a semicircle for wires to run through should the need present itself. 

Though you might not realize it, you're probably not getting the most out of your reciprocating saw even if you use it on every job. However, investing in a couple outside-the-box add-ons can greatly enhance both the quality and speed of your work, with minimal spending on your part, since you're not really buying any new tools. Adding wire brush, pipe clamp and wood rasp attachments to your reciprocating saw could just be the best investment you make in your existing arsenal all year, and could save you time, money, energy, and maybe even a trip to the chiropractor. 

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