Is Your Parking Lot Safe For Your Customers?

The safety of your customers should be your primary concern as a business owner. While you've likely considered the safety in your store, and might even have to comply with regular inspections, how much thought have you given to the safety in your parking lot?

Parking lot safety can help prevent injury and even save you money in the long run. If someone gets injured in your parking lot and it's determined that it could've been prevented by you, you may be legally liable. There are many elements that go into creating a safe parking lot. Below you'll learn exactly what these elements are and how you can apply them to your business.

You need visible and effective wheel stops. Wheel stops are installed at the front of parking spaces to help stop the vehicle as it is being parked. They are typically made out of concrete, although others are made out of rubber. Sometimes known as parking bumpers, wheel stops go a long way in ensuring the safety of your customers. They'll ensure that your customers don't pull forward too far and hit a pedestrian that may be walking in front of the space or another vehicle. Unit Step Company is a local wheel stop dealer you can contact for this step.

You should regularly repaint all parking lot lines and signage. Parking lots make use of paint on the asphalt to help direct traffic and indicate parking spaces. The longer you own your store, the more important it is to have everything repainted. Faded directional arrows can result in head on collisions as drivers ignore them. Faded parking spot lines can result in people parking at strange angles, and possibly damaging other customers' vehicles. Lastly, handicap spots should be clearly indicated with signage and paint on the asphalt. Having your handicap spots filled with customers who don't need them can result in a handicapped customer having to park further away, which may lead to injury.  

Consider the usage of speed bumps. Ever since their invention, speed bumps have taken many forms in their quest to eliminate speeding. Someone speeding through your parking lot can cause untold damage to people walking to their cars or other drivers. While installing speed bumps is expensive, it may be worth it if you've had even a single injury on your property related to speeding.

Each of the above tips will help you keep your parking lot safe and secure. Investing in safety will produce a positive customer experience and may keep you from becoming liable should an injury occur. 

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