3 Common Problems With Conventional Radiators And How To Fix Them

One of the oldest types of heating systems installed in homes is boilers with radiators. These systems use steam or water to heat a radiator that transfers radiant heat to your home. These can be a great way to heat your home, but they can also have problems such as too much heat, or no heat at all. If you have a conventional radiator heating system, here are three common problems you may have and some ideas to help you fix them:

1. Too Much Heat In One Area Of Your Home

When you think about heating, you may not think about having too much heat, but it is a common problem with radiant heating systems. This can be because steam or water is constantly running to one radiator and it does not have a modern thermostat. With steam radiators, there is often an air valve on the system, which allows the radiator to fill with steam. This valve needs to be changed regularly. If you are having a problem with a room that is too hot, you may want to replace the valve with one that has a thermostat integrated into it. This will allow you to better control the problem of too much heat in one room.

2. Certain Radiators Not Heating At All

Some radiators can also have a problem with no heat coming to them at all. This can be due to several problems, such as radiators being on different levels of your home and water or steam not getting to them. This can be due to badly placed radiators with a steam system, or a bad valve with a water type system. If you have a steam system and the radiator is too low, it may be moved to allow steam to rise to the radiator and provide heat. If your system uses hot water, you may be able to add a valve or pump to ensure that water is being delivered to the radiators that are not getting enough heat.

3. Constant Running Of The Boiler

Another common problem that you may have with radiant heating systems is the boiler constantly running. This can have several possible causes; one is a bad thermostat or a valve that comes from the boiler and causes it to run constantly. It can also be problems with the control panel and electrical wiring. If your boiler is running constantly and the safety mechanism is not turning it off, you will want to shut the heating off and contact a heating professional to look at your boiler.

These are some of the common problems you may have with a conventional radiant heating system. If you need help with some of these problems and repairs, contact a professional heating repair contractor to get your system fixed.

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