A Guide To Finding The Perfect Self Storage

There are quite a few reasons that you might need to find a reliable self storage service. You might just need more space than your home has, you might want to store some specific goods for a long period of time, or you might just want to compartmentalize your belongings for sorting purposes. Regardless of your motivation, it can be difficult to find a service that is perfect for you. To help you narrow down your options, here is a brief guide on what to look for in a self storage business:


The most important aspect of choosing a self storage unit is generally going to be the rate. As a rule of thumb, you're going to pay more per month with larger units, while the rate goes down as the unit gets smaller. However, it is much more efficient to rent or buy a large unit than it is to buy two smaller units that are equal in combined volume. Therefore, you're going to want to get a unit that is just big enough for everything you want to store in it, yet also has ample room for anything you might need to store there in the foreseeable future.

Internal and External Conditions

There are many different levels of quality in self storage units, so it can be important to figure out which conditions are important to you. For instance, you might really want a climate-controlled unit for storing food or to maintain room temperature in a very cold region or during the winter. You might want a unit with external access so that you can drive a car up to the unit for easy loading and unloading or you might want an internal unit that is a little more secure.

You're also going to want to thoroughly check the security measures available at the self storage facility. Are the units opened with simple metal keys or do they have electronic locks? Are there multiple layers of security for each unit, such as fingerprint scanners? Are there security cameras, security guards, and a working alarm system? Having access to these measures will increase the rate of the rental, so you'll need to determine exactly which of these are important to you.


If you are planning on frequently accessing your self storage unit, then you might want to secure a location within easy driving distance. However, you might be able to secure a lower rate at a more distant facility, so you'll need to weigh the pros and cons of the distance and how much you might pay for gas to get there.

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