Mold: You Might Not See It, But It Can Make You Sick

Household mold is a health hazard. It is a huge problem in apartments and homes across the country. Even if your apartment or home looks clean, you could still have a mold problem hiding behind the walls.

Why Is Mold So Prevalent In Today's Homes?

The problem is that modern drywall, including blue board, is not mold proof. Mold can thrive on the inside a drywall construction. The drywall alone can be food for mold. The paper on the drywall can also get damp and harbor mold.

Older homes used lathe and plaster. This was much more mold resistant. Unfortunately, most modern homes use drywall or plasterboard. Unless you are living in a Victorian era home that has original plaster walls, you are at risk for mold behind your walls.

What Are The Signs That There Is Mold Behind The Walls?

If you see mold on the walls, then you know there is a problem. Unfortunately, most mold won't break the surface of a wall. Mold eats away in the background. It hides. It can spread  behind the wall without ever showing itself on the surface.

Some people notice they have mold when they go to hang a picture. They nail into the wall and notice a foul smell. They might even see the mold.

The main way to determine if there is mold is to look for physical symptoms of mold exposure. The symptoms are not severe, but they are noticeable. Some of them might be dismissed as a cold, or a sinus infection. However, if they persist, you should consider having your home checked for mold. Here are the main symptoms:

  • Breathing Problems: If you are not diagnosed with a pulmonary problem, then this should be a huge red flag. Anytime you start to have difficulty breathing, there is something that you need to address. Mold damages the lungs, so this is a major sign of potential mold damage.
  • Eye Problems: If your eyes start to become itchy and you notice swelling or redness, then it could be mold.

If you notice a combination of breathing problems and itchy or watery eyes, and the issue doesn't subside after a short time, you might be dealing with mold. What you should do is contact a professional mold removal service. They will be able to determine if you do indeed have mold and if so, what the best way to get it out of your home for good is.

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