Choosing An Experienced And Professional Concrete Contractor: 3 Questions To Ask

Do you need some concrete work done around your home? While there may be a wide variety of concrete contractors available, it is important that you condense them down to some of the best choices. Here are some key questions that you can ask to determine who is the most experienced and most professional:

"How Long Will the Job Take?"

One of the first questions you will likely want the answer to is how long the concrete job will take. Ideally, a concrete job should only take a few days to complete. If the contractor tells you any longer than a week, they are probably trying to juggle multiple jobs at one time, which could leave you in a lurch waiting for your job to be complete. If the contractor cannot provide you with a solid answer that is less than a week, you may want to check into a different contractor or look into concrete repair product.

"Do You Have Pictures of Your Past Work?"

Another great way to gauge your contractor is to ask to see pictures of work they have done. In the days of smart phones with cameras, there is no reason why a contractor won't have a few pictures of some of their most recent jobs. If they can't provide you with pictures, ask where they've worked and if it is a place you can visit to vet their work.

If you aren't given either of these options, you are either dealing with someone who is newer in the business or they simply don't want to show you their work for whatever reason. This will give you the opportunity to either go with that person or move on to someone more experienced and professional.

"What Happens if it Rains?"

You should also inquire about what will happen to your concrete work if it happens to rain before it has had a chance to dry. An experienced concrete contractor will be prepared for a situation like this. For instance, they should have checked the weather forecast ahead of time to see if there are any chances of rain.

Of course, there are always times when small storms pop up out of nowhere that the contractor needs to be prepared for by having some material to cover the concrete. If you ask the contractor about rain and they are nonchalant about it, you may be dealing with someone who is not experienced or does shoddy work. A good contractor will insist on placing the job on hold until good weather is forecasted.

Having concrete work done can be expensive, so it is important that you use a reputable contractor. In addition to asking these questions, you should also get recommendations from friends and neighbors. A positive review from someone you know is another great way to choose the best person for the job.

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