Important Signs That You Should Call An Electrician

Your home's power doesn't need to go out completely for you to need the services of an electrician. Very often when wires begin to fray or are overloaded, there are signs that they need repair or replacement. Having this done immediately can ensure that your home has the power it needs and that you reduce your risk of electrical fires. Consider a few of those important signs here:

1. If you hear any odd noises when you plug in something or flip a switch

Electricity makes no sound as it travels through wires so if you should hear any type of popping, snapping, crackling, or hissing sounds, this is usually a sign that the wires themselves are frayed or overloaded. These sounds are usually the electricity not being able to finish its circuit and it pops as it reaches a wire that's frayed. If you notice this sound when you plug in something or flip a switch, it's usually best to call an electrician as soon as possible.

2. When you smell burning or charring behind the walls

Any type of burning smell in your home should be checked out at once, but if it comes from behind the walls this usually means it's the electrical system that is the problem. Frayed wires may be allowing the electricity to come into contact with insulation or drywall and these then get singed. If you notice this smell especially after you plug something in or flip a switch, it's probably an electrical issue.

3. If you have a sudden spike in your electric bill

If you cannot explain a sudden spike in your electric bill because of a rate hike or the installation of new appliances, you may want to call an electrician. This could be a sign that wiring is frayed or is being overloaded. Your major appliances may also be working too hard because they are not getting enough power. In any case, an electrician can check to see why your home is suddenly using more power than it should.

4. When the same circuit breaker continuously trips

 A circuit breaker keeps too much electricity from being run along that circuit, and if one circuit breaker continuously trips, this usually means the wires are overloaded. An appliance may need to be rewired to another circuit or you may need new wiring on that circuit altogether. Ignoring this problem can increase your risk of electrical fire as the circuit is continuously overloaded every time it's used.

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